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Dental ImplantsIf you are in need of dental implants, you are not alone. Dental implants are becoming a popular dental replacement for tooth loss. A striking number of adults have lost teeth due to a variety of factors and are looking for dental implants that will work as well as their natural did while looking beautiful. Our dental implants are the best of both worlds— functional with aesthetic value. Do not let your other teeth fall prey to an increased risk of decay and disease due to a missing tooth. Visit our dental office in Easton to learn more or continue reading for some facts about our dental implants.

Candidates for dental implants

You are a potential candidate for dental implants if you:

  • Are missing one or more teeth
  • Follow a proper oral hygiene regimen that is reflected in your remaining teeth and gums
  • Have an intact dental structure as well as a strong jaw bone
  • Want to close unappealing gaps with artificial teeth
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not have signs of periodontal disease
  • Have overall good health
  • Are looking for a permanent replacement for your missing teeth

If you fall into these categories, you are a preferred candidate for our dental implants and should visit our office for an examination and evaluation. We can then provide you with a single dental implant or a multiple tooth replacement as desired.

The Dental Implants Process

When you visit for an appointment, we will perform a thorough examination and assess your replacement needs. Placing your implants requires a surgical procedure in which we drill channels into the jawbone. We will then place the titanium rod implant into the channel until it fits in place. The titanium rod will serve as the anchor for your implants. We will allow your implant time to fuse with your bone before we complete the visible portion of your dental implant.

Once we determine that the implant successfully melds into place with the bone, we will complete the implant process. We will then place a crown, also known as an abutment, onto the implant rod. This crown will match your existing teeth to provide a completely natural look in the mouth. By cementing crown to your implant, Your dental implants will be strong, durable, and resilient to staining. Our dental implants are a permanent replacement, so you should need no further adjustments made to your implant after completion.

Our quality dental implants are so natural-looking, you may even forget. Once our dental implants procedure is complete, you will have a full mouth of beautiful teeth that will be just as useful as your natural teeth were. When you receive implants, you are not only completing your smile, but you are also improving your dental structure for years to come by preventing bone loss. Visit or call today for more information.

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