I Had a capped front tooth that broke. Needless to say I was very upset for we were leaving for vacation in 12 days. Dr. Stimpfle saw me that very day. Did a root canal, put a post in the tooth, cleaned and reused the cap. It took 2 hrs. But I came out smiling. I doubt my previous dentist would have done this himself all In one day. He saved me. Thanks a million.

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Facts About Dental Bone Grafting

5 Facts About Dental Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is a procedure used by dentists before dental implant surgery if they feel the jawbone is not thick enough to hold a dental implant in place. The procedure is done before the patient undergoes dental implant surgery. If the chewing action of the mouth exerts great pressure on the bone, and if the…

When Should I Have Denture Relining?

When Should I Have Denture Relining?

A pair of dentures should typically last for about five to 10 years. However, changes in the mouth or wear on the dental prosthetics themselves may necessitate repair or adjustment before they need to be replaced entirely.Denture relining involves adding material to the tissue-bearing areas of the prosthesis. This is either to repair a part…