Recently, I had a lot of complex work done by Dr. Stimpfle. All I can say… He is the BEST… This dentist is also a great surgeon – highly skilled, has hands as light as feathers.. You feel no pain! Above all.. He not only is a fantastic dentist, he is also one o the best cosmetic dentists I’ve ever seen.. I am thrilled with his wok and wouldn’t dream going anywhere else.. Everyone in that office, from the office manager, dental assistants and Dr. Stimpfle himself are welcoming, courteous, and respectful to their patients.

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How Long Will An All On   Procedure Take?

How Long Will An All-on-4 Procedure Take?

If you have dental problems, an orthodontist might recommend the All-on-4 procedure. As a form of oral rehabilitation, this is a great way to improve the health of your mouth and give you a gorgeous smile. Instead of conventional dentures, this is a way to have a permanent fix. The more that patients learn about…

What Happens During A Dental Lumineer Procedure?

What Happens During A Dental Lumineer Procedure?

If you are considering Lumineers for your smile, then you are probably wondering what happens during a Lumineer procedure. It is important to understand what to expect before any dental procedure. Preparation both physically and mentally will result in an overall smoother and less stressful office visit.First, we should define dental Lumineers. Dental Lumineers are…