I really love this office and everyone who works here! My boyfriend and I found it through other reviews online. From the first appointment on we knew this would be the only dentist for us. the doctor and staff provide a comfortable environment and take the time to explain every single step of the process, so you always know what’s going on. I’ve had lots of work done after a few years hiatus from dentists, and I couldn’t be happier with my now perfect teeth.
The are also hilarious, I always look forward to my appointments and always leave laughing. they also take a personal interest in their clients and have been remarkably sweet every time I’m there. I’ve never been in a n office where everyone seemed so happy to be there, including the patients.Thanks all! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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Reasons To Choose Implant Supported Dentures To Replace Missing Teeth

4 Reasons To Choose Implant-Supported Dentures To Replace Missing Teeth

More people are choosing implant-supported dentures over conventional dentures. This type of dentures is held firmly in position with implants inserted into the jaw, while traditional dentures are held with adhesive and suction. This means patients get a more comfortable and secure fitting with implant-supported dentures.This is perhaps the most significant advantage, knowing that most…

Smile Makeover: Options To Change The Shape Of My Teeth

Smile Makeover: Options To Change The Shape Of My Teeth

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