Ideas for What You Can Eat Following Oral Surgery

Oral SurgeryAs a provider of oral surgery in Easton, we are asked a lot of questions regarding dietary restrictions.  What you can and cannot eat is highly dependent upon the procedure that is being performed and how extensive it is.

The most common oral surgery that we complete is to place dental implants. In this procedure, a titanium post is inserted under the gums and secured to the jawbone in every place that a tooth is missing. If only one tooth is being replaced, the dietary restrictions are minimal since you can always chew using the other side of your mouth. If the surgery is replacing multiple teeth, it becomes important to plan ahead for what meals you can eat while your gums are recovering.

Here are some suggestions for foods that you to try:


From scrambled to hard boiled, eggs are easy to make and chew.  The benefit of hard-boiled eggs is that you can cook several of them in the morning and eat them throughout the day.


If you are not an eggs fan, try drinking a smoothie for your breakfast. After oral surgery, a smoothie is an excellent way to ensure that you are getting all of the vitamins, minerals, and even protein that you need. Grab health superfoods like kale and add in berries, fruit, yogurt, and protein powder for a nutritious meal that you do not have to chew. Drink them as often as you like to keep your energy up.


It will be difficult and ill-advised to eat a traditional sandwich for the first couple of days. Instead, spread hummus on soft bread for a quick meal that is easy to make and easy to chew.


Sweet potatoes are incredibly healthy for you and they are so easy to cook. All you need to do is bake them in the oven and eat. If you want additional flavor, drizzle some olive oil and salt and pepper on the top. Otherwise, add mashed potatoes to any meal as a side dish to fill you up.


This vegetable works as an excellent substitute for meat. You can cook it in a variety of dishes, using your normal sauces and it will hold the flavors well. Use it instead of beef, chicken, or pork for a few days. You can also substitute your meat with tofu.


Regardless of what your main meal is, you should stock up on soft snacks prior to your oral surgery. We suggest buying single servings of Jello, pudding, applesauce, and yogurt. This way you can grab what you like and snack without feeling tempted to grab your favorite bags of chips.

Oral surgery in Easton

After your oral surgery, it is important to avoid anything that could irritate the gums. This means that you need to stay away from chips, crackers, toasted bread, nuts, cereal and anything else that could scratch you. Also, be sure to avoid anything that takes a significant amount of force to chew.

Remember that these dietary restrictions are only temporary because once your gums have healed and the new tooth is secured, you will be able to eat all of your favorite foods again.

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