How to Care for Your Dental Veneers and Dental Crowns


As an Easton, PA cosmetic dentist, we can restore your teeth and improve your smile using dental veneers or dental crowns. Afterward, many of our patients want to know “how to care for your dental veneers and dental crowns.” With that in mind, here are a few basic care instructions. For further information or tips, call Affordable Dentistry at (610) 596-4008.

Eating With Dental Restorations

When wearing dental crowns or dental veneers, you need to be aware of what you are eating. Just like your natural teeth can become damaged by chewing on a piece of ice or eating hard nuts, your restorations can as well. To prevent them from becoming chipped, you also want to be sure not to chew on your fingernails or pencils. Essentially, you need to use common sense and only put things in your mouth that will be easy to chew.

Also, avoid drinking soda, since this can erode your natural teeth as well as your restorations. With a pH level closer to battery acid than water, all types of soda are bad for your teeth, even the diet ones. You should also avoid eating any sour candies or anything high in sugar. Since your dental restorations are placed on top of your natural teeth, these are healthy habits that you need to establish regardless of how many crowns or veneers you have.

Brushing Teeth With Dental Veneers and Dental Crowns

As an 18045 cosmetic dentist, we encourage patients to brush their teeth a minimum of twice per day, using a soft or electronic toothbrush. You do not want to use a brush that is too hard because it can be abrasive and begin to strip your teeth of their enamel. It can also begin to damage your dental restorations. Instead, brush with a soft brush in a circular pattern and floss your teeth daily. This will help prevent decay and infections.

Protecting Your Dental Restorations in Easton, PA

At Affordable Dentistry, we recommend that you wear a mouthguard when practicing or playing sports. Even casual games of basketball or your weekend softball league can lead to dental damage and therefore damage your dental crowns or dental veneers. By simply wearing a customized mouthguard, the likelihood of your teeth or restorations becoming cracked or chipped is significantly reduced.

Ongoing Dental Care in Easton

We recommend that you visit our office on a regular basis for ongoing dental care. This is critical if you want to keep your dental restorations in good condition and ensure that they can reach their maximum lifespan.

Schedule an Appointment With Our 18045 Cosmetic Dentist Office

At Affordable Dentistry, we can help keep your dental restorations in good condition by examining your teeth and restorations and cleaning them on a biannual basis. It is important for you to remember that your restorations are being placed over your natural teeth. That means we need to continue to keep your teeth free from decay and infections. Regular dental cleanings and exams are the best way to do so. To schedule your appointment, call (610) 596-4008.

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